BRANDS – All the sunglasses you find on is an excellent website that provides low priced branded products to its customers. The products are 100% authentic. It is extremely popular in EU which is why it has not decided to expand its website to international markets, its first target being Australia. The reason that Australia has been targeted by custom fit is because it has carried out vast market research which suggested that such a facility does not exist there and since there are not many branded stores in the area, custom fit would provide them the perfect opportunity to purchase branded products at low prices.

The best thing about custom fit, apart from the cheap prices is that is carries countless brands. For this reason, it targets a lot of people of different preferences and choices. For example, on individual may love Gucci while the other may be a fan of Fendi while another person would love Chloe. Therefore, the choice of brand and sunglasses depends on the consumer. By offering a wide range of brands, custom fit is also offering wide range of sunglasses. The sunglasses are all very different and unique in their own respect. The brands are the company offers include:

Most of the brands listed do not have boutiques in Australia which is why having a website where all the brands are available will be a pleasant experience for everyone. Custom fit is looking for even more brands to add to this list. Many of the brands are not from Australia therefore the people will be able to benefit from a variety of brands and products. Furthermore, they will not have to pay for large import duties and go through the hassle of ordering online from the boutiques. Ordering online directly may have several disadvantages including late delivery times and difficult method of payment however in custom fit all these things have been taken care of. All these brands are extremely well established brands and are from all over the world. Some of these brands are slightly cheaper than the others therefore consumers of all income groups will find this website appealing. Larger number of brands will allow the firm to benefit from larger variety of products. Diversification is always extremely satisfying for consumers. They will have a large pool of products to choose from. The final result of the sunglasses will depend on the choice of the consumer. Furthermore, consumers do not need to feel put off regarding the availability of stocks; this is why custom fit offers a huge amount of products at one times so that they do not run out of stock. However items that do run out of stock are immediately removed from the website so as not to give false hope to consumers. Whereas new products are immediately put up on the website on the very front page along with their features and prices!

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