enter the designer sunglasses online market in Australia is an increasingly popular online website that sells branded products at cheap prices. The website and its warehouse are based in the EU where it is a great success and is loved by all consumers, especially those who are interested in branded products. The best thing about the website is that it has numerous brands all of which are not terribly expensive: some are extremely affordable which is why it is highly appealing.
It is important to note here that just because custom fit provides branded products at lower prices does not mean that it is in any way compromising on the quality of the product. It does not also mean that the products are not authentic. If we look into the history of the website, there has been not a single case where the consumer has doubted the authenticity of products offered by Customfit. This is the reason that the website is such a huge success in the European Union.

With a flourishing business in EU, the organization now wants to spread its facilities abroad. This is because it is already a well established business in EU and has established a solid position in the market; its market share is high but is not growing. For this reason the business now wants to expand operations. They have chosen to start a business in Australia for according to both Primary and Secondary research that was carried out by the business, Australians highly demand branded products. Especially because the fashion industry is growing and many people are interested in fashion.
Sunglasses are a type of product that all individuals demand. Not only because they are stylish but also for more serious purposes such as protection from scorching heat. Therefore it is likely that sunglasses will be sold in increasing amounts.
Furthermore, custom fit offers sunglasses from a lot of brands and offers countless designs in a range of prices. Therefore there is a lot that consumers can choose from. Consumers have a lot of choice therefore the business is most likely to be successful anywhere in the world.
In today’s globalized world whereby everyone is aware of brands and fashion, the website is likely to be a huge success. This is because all men and women are aware of different brands and yearn to purchase products from their favorite brand; especially if the products are available at such cheap prices with great facilities.
According to research people in Australia are extremely fond of fashion and shopping. However since Australia is a huge country it makes traveling extremely hard. Numerous people work and therefore prefer to have goods delivered to the house. Others, who do not work, have other household chores to carry out due to which they too prefer to have the goods delivered. This is another contributing factor to why Customfit has decided to move to Australia. It realizes the wants and needs of people and feels that locating their business there will be beneficial.
Another significant reason why the business has decided to move to Australia is because there are very few websites in Australia that offer similar service. Even if other websites offer to deliver goods, no other website offers branded products at such low prices. This is why; the facility will be new in Australia and is most likely to be successful. Starting a business in Australia seems like a good idea also because there are not many brands available in Australia therefore people will benefit largely from the increased choice of brands will offer.
Starting operations in Australia will be custom fit’s first step in the international market so if this venture is a success it will give confidence to the business to expand further. By starting a business Australia, Customfit will realize its potential and therefore want to increase its market share even more by targeting people of other countries. This will increase the company‚Äôs name and brand loyalty will also increase. Customfit is targeting the mass market, anyone and everyone who is interested in buying designer sunglasses. Eventually, this will result in an increased market share, increased revenue and increased profit. Increased profit will not only benefit the business but will also benefit all the stakeholders such as suppliers as they will get paid right away. Therefore, moving to Australia will benefit the business in countless ways.

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